Renewables revelation a challenge to Salmond's plans

For immediate release 2 November 2011

Greens today argued that Citigroup's warning to potential developers about investing in Scotland's renewables sector (1) ignores the profitability of the sector and the growing demand for clean energy. The party also reiterated concerns about the SNP's energy policy, which is misleadingly billed as "100% renewable" when they actually want to see as much energy generated from coal, gas or nuclear power as from renewables.

Patrick Harvie MSP said:

"Whether Scotland is independent or remains part of the UK, we have enormous potential for renewables, and the potential to export substantial energy to the rest of the UK and our other neighbours. The sector is already profitable, and will only get more so.

"The real challenge to Alex Salmond is this: the people of Scotland have been led to believe that the SNP are proposing a 100% renewable power sector in Scotland. The truth is the SNP's plans would see new coal and gas stations built, and nuclear plants kept running beyond their original life span. There will never be enough capital available to fund our renewable ambitions and the SNP's discreditable addiction to fossil fuels. It's time to choose."