Patrick Harvie MSP, Economy and Energy spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, today welcomed publication of Scottish Renewables’ manifesto for the 2016 Scottish Parliament Election.Patrick Harvie_small

The report calls for an ambitious target of at least 50 per cent of all energy use from renewable sources by 2030 and a plan to integrate electricity, heat and transport.

Patrick Harvie, Economy and Energy spokesperson for the Scottish Greens and MSP for Glasgow, said:

“Scotland can have jobs for the future if we prioritise support not just for renewables but for low-carbon transport and housing, and oil and gas decommissioning. The Scottish Government’s more-of-everything approach to energy has muddied the waters, with the anti-Green agenda of the UK Government adding to the confusion.

“Scottish Renewables are right to highlight the need for support for indigenous manufacturing and R&D. Scottish Greens have long advocated a managed transition away from oil and gas so we seize the opportunity of our renewables and energy efficiency potential, and refocus skills and investment towards these sectors to sustain our economy.

“Our research has already shown how Scotland can employ thousands more people by investing in renewables and oil and gas decommissioning, rather than propping up an industry whose unburnable assets pose a huge economic risk. Research also shows most people expect Scotland to be mainly powered by renewables in the years ahead. To achieve that we need a bolder Holyrood with more Green voices so we can move further and faster in the right direction.”


Jobs in Scotland's New Economy, report for Scottish Green MSPs

Scottish Renewables manifesto