Remain vote in EU referendum essential for peace

Patrick Harvie MSP, Co-convener of the Scottish Greens, will tonight tell an audience in Glasgow that a Remain vote in the EU referendum is essential to build on more than 70 years of peace across a continent scarred by centuries of war.

The Scottish Greens are campaigning for a Vote Remain to build a Europe of peace, and believe Scotland and the rest of the UK are Greener In the EU. 

Speaking ahead of tonight's Glasgow Skeptics debate, Patrick Harvie MSP said:

"The EU referendum has been dominated by a juvenile spat between two wings of the Tories, ahead of their impending leadership contest. The result has been nauseating to many people who reject their right wing politics, and the real issues have been treated with contempt.

"The task of building a peaceful, socially just, environmentally responsible and democratic Europe remains far from complete. But to walk away now would only hand the hard-right Brexiteers within the Conservative Party the opportunity they seek to trash people's rights at work, tear up the social and environmental protections which have taken decades to achieve, and pursue ever more xenophobic and racist immigration policies.

"The EU has its faults - as do the undemocratic institutions of UK politics - but since its creation we have seen an end to the centuries of warfare between European nations. In the face of new challenges, from climate change to cybersecurity, it would be utterly perverse to begin dismantling the institution which has brought a lifetime of peace."


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