Patrick Harvie MSP, co-convenor of the Scottish Greens and member of the Yes Scotland Advisory Board has today welcomed the comments from Senator Christine Milne, leader of the Australian Greens regarding next month’s referendum and criticized those of Australian Prime Minster Tony Abbot.

In a short video message Senator Milne explains that she looks forward to working with an independent Scotland to tackle global issues such as climate change and the elimination of nuclear energy. In contrast, Tony Abbot has said that a Yes vote would be a victory for the enemies of freedom and justice.

Patrick Harvie says: “Christine Milne’s comments are a welcome addition to the referendum debate. She understands that tackling global issues requires cooperation between all nations and that an independent Scotland can play an important role in that. Whether it’s on economic justice or climate change, an independent Scotland can lead where the UK has not. We look forward to working with Senator Milne and others across the world after a Yes vote next month.

"In contrast, Tony Abbot’s ludicrous comments indicate that he think the Yes campaign are a collection of comic book super villains. Australia has prospered as an independent country, able to make decisions for itself. I wonder how many Australians would like to see that reversed. After a Yes vote Scotland will take our place as a valued and respected member of the international community, just as Australia and almost two hundred other independent states do already.”

Senator Christine Milne on Scottish independence:

‘Those who want the Uk to split are not the friends of freedom’