Queen’s Speech: Prime Minister “out of ideas and out of time” say Greens

The Scottish Greens have said that the Queen’s Speech delivered today (21 June) is further proof a Prime Minister who is “out of ideas and out of time”.

Patrick Harvie MSP, the party’s co-convener says that politicians at Holyrood must now be ready to resist a Westminster “power grab” by ensuring that appropriate “repatriated European powers” are devolved to the Scottish Parliament.

Green MSP for Glasgow, Patrick Harvie said:

“What we were presented with was evidence of a government that’s out of ideas and out of time. It further demonstrates that we have a Prime Minister who is incapable of recognising the public mood and perception of both her party and her policies. The Queen’s Speech gave no recognition of the Tories’ failure to win a majority at the General Election, nor the fact that a majority in Scotland voted to remain in the European Union.

“The Tories say they want to ‘provide certainty for individuals’ over Brexit, but they can’t even convince the hard-right DUP to provide parliamentary support after almost two weeks of negotiations.

“MSPs at Holyrood must now be prepared for years of intense work to ensure that adequate safeguards for workers’ rights and environmental protections are in introduced to replace the gaping holes that will be left by the removal of EU laws. We’ll also have a duty to ensure that Westminster doesn’t attempt a power grab and retain repatriated European powers which should be devolved.”