Public support Greens buffer zones proposals

Scottish Greens health spokesperson Gillian Mackay has welcomed new polling that demonstrates overwhelming public support for the introduction of “buffer zones” to keep anti-abortion protestors away from clinics and hospitals.

The Central Scotland MSP is to introduce a member’s bill on the subject.

The Survation poll shows that 72% of respondents would support the measure, while just 7% are opposed.

Commenting, Ms Mackay said:

“Everyone should be able to access healthcare unimpeded, but sadly that isn’t the case for many of those accessing reproductive healthcare.

“Protests and intimidation outside hospitals and abortion clinics causes real distress to people using these services, and it is not just people who are accessing abortions who are impacted. Anyone who accesses healthcare at premises that deliver abortions can be targeted.

“I am heartened to see such emphatic public support for the introduction of buffer zones, a measure that will be so important in allowing all those who need to access these services to do so without the fear of harassment.”