Public services funding should come before Trident renewal says Green MSP

The funding of public services should take priority ahead of renewing Trident says Green MSP Mark Ruskell.

On Monday (18 July), the House of Commons will vote on whether to renew the weapons of mass destruction, based at the Faslane naval base, and the Mid-Scotland and Fife MSP wants to work with MPs and MSPs from all political parties to see the system scrapped.

Mark Ruskell MSP, the Scottish Greens’ climate, energy and environment spokesperson said:

“It will be utterly absurd if Westminster votes to commit tens of billions of pounds to replace Trident at a time when there are real threats to the funding of public services. These weapons of mass destruction will always be wrong and Greens will continue to be the loudest voices in saying that the nuclear system is costly and immoral.

“In the Scottish Parliament Green MSPs secured a majority for a constitutional ban on nuclear weapons in an independent Scotland and we are continuing to work with politicians from across the parties for a nuclear weapon free Scotland. We’ll also keep on campaigning outside of Holyrood with various groups to peacefully ensure that Trident remains a thorny issue in Scotland for years to come.”

The Scottish Greens’ have a petition calling for “a future without nuclear weapons” that can be signed ahead of the vote on Monday. [1]