Progressive tax changes are vital for funding Scottish services

The progressive tax changes that are being introduced via the Scottish Budget will provide vital funding for public services, say the Scottish Greens.

The changes, which are being made as a result of a Budget negotiated by the Scottish Government and the Scottish Greens, will see the highest earners paying a bit more in income tax, as well as an increase to the tax paid by those purchasing holiday homes and multiple properties (the Additional Dwelling Tax).

The changes have been hailed by the Scottish Greens finance spokesperson, Ross Greer MSP, in a Scottish Parliament debate on taxation this afternoon.

Ross Greer MSP said:

“By raising the Higher Rate of Income Tax and the Additional Dwelling Supplement, we have decided that the highest earners and those buying holiday homes and extra properties will pay a bit more to fund our public services. That extra funding is desperately needed during this cost of living crisis.”

“Scotland has extremely limited devolved taxation and revenue raising powers. We certainly need more powers over tax, borrowing and a more functional reserve. But we also have an obligation to make best use of the powers we’ve got.”

“We might be in a cost of living crisis, one pushing many households to crisis point, but there are plenty of high-income and wealthy people in this country who can afford to pay a bit more.

“I’m proud of the agreement we reached on these further changes, which will raise over half a billion pounds for services like the NHS.

“Those on the highest incomes can afford an extra penny on the tax rate paid on the top slice of their salary.

“And those in the position where they can buy a second home or holiday home can absolutely afford to pay a bit more on that purchase.

“It’s incumbent on those opposed to these progressive changes to both explain why they think the most privileged people in our society shouldn’t be paying a bit more right now.”