Peter McColl backs fast food workers' rights

Peter McColl demonstrates with fast food workers outside McDonalds in Glasgow.
Photo: Walton Pantland

Green candidate Peter McColl today joined workers outside McDonald's in Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, to demand higher wages and union rights as part of a global day of action for the rights of employees in the fast food industry.

The demands of the Fast Food Rights campaign - a £10 minimum wage, the right to union bargaining, and an end to zero-hour contracts - featured prominently in the Scottish Greens' manifesto, published last month.

Strikes and demonstrations are also taking place today in 200 cities in 30 countries, including across the United States where the movement began.

Peter is the Green candidate for Edinburgh East, our top Scottish target constituency. He said.

"Fast food workers are among the most exploited in this economy. Despite making colossal profits for their corporate employers, fast food workers are expected to suffer unpredictable work at poverty wages while being treated as disposable and denied any say in their working conditions.

"The demands of these workers are the same as the Scottish Greens' priorities for the coming parliament - a £10 minimum wage, the right to union bargaining, and an end to zero-hour contracts.

"This is a modest demand for every worker to be treated with respect and dignity. It is shameful that so many thousands of workers across Scotland and the UK are denied that respect, while corporate profits soar.

"Because of the aggressive anti-union tactics used both by the fast food companies and successive governments, these workers are standing up for their rights today with little or no protection from reprisals. I am humbled by their courage and proud to stand with them.

"Today has been an inspiring reminder of what I and other Green candidates are standing for, and what we will be fighting for every day if elected on May 7th."