People’s safety first priority amid severe weather says MSP

Our first priority has to be to ensure the safety of people, including those working to help others.

Following a weekend of severe weather triggering floods, landslides and concerns for life in areas including Aviemore the Scottish Greens have urged those in impacted areas to follow the advice of emergency services.

Speaking about the ongoing the developments, Highlands and Islands MSP Ariane Burgess said:

“This is a very worrying situation and I would urge all those in the affected areas to exercise extreme caution.

“We now know a severe flood alert has been issued for Aviemore / Dalfabar, which means there is risk to life and property. Already other areas including around Oban have been inundated, with land slips and floods cutting off several places and rescues taking place.

“Road and rail have been severely impacted, and officials are monitoring water levels in several places.  

“The Scottish Government’s Resilience Committee also met today and is receiving updates from key partners.

“Our first priority has to be to ensure the safety of people, including those working to help others, and so I would urge everyone to heed to advice and requests of emergency services and officials.

“Further severe weather is forecast so we simply do not know at this stage how bad things are going to get, but it is clear this is causing significant challenges and hardship.

“I and my team are following developments and will of course be speaking with colleagues and key stakeholders throughout.

“Our thoughts are with all those facing an anxious and troubling time ahead, and with the emergency services, council staff and others working around the clock in horrendous conditions to protect people.

“For those who tell us the climate crisis isn’t real, or to roll back on promises, open your eyes.

“This is not normal. We need to act.”