People First march is a call to action

For immediate release 30 September 2011

Ahead of Saturday's 'People First' event, Greens are calling for the day's events to be a rallying point for everyone in who believes in a fairer Scotland, strong public services and opposition to the Coalition's austerity agenda.

Patrick Harvie, Glasgow's Green MSP, will speak at the rally in Kelvingrove Park alongside representatives from a wide range of Scottish communities.

Patrick Harvie MSP said:

"Almost one year ago I joined the STUC rally in Edinburgh and joined all those calling for a better way of dealing with the economic mess we're in. Over the last year, we've seen Conservative and Lib Dem politicians cutting ever deeper into public services, and the SNP largely handing the cuts straight on to Scottish services and public sector workers. The case against this reckless cuts agenda has grown ever stronger, but the Coalition has chosen in the meantime to treble tuition fees for large numbers of students, slash public sector jobs and pensions and cut funding to countless local services.

"The likes of Cameron, Clegg, Osborne and Alexander must be the only people unable to see that their free market ideology is in crisis. The Right has failed utterly, and instead of a cure has only another dose of economic poison to offer.

"We must come together in Glasgow this weekend and show the Coalition that a united and determined movement is mounting a powerful campaign against this attack on Scotland's jobs and services."