Green Yes, the Scottish Green Party's campaign for a Yes vote in the independence referendum, is urging undecided voters in the Peebles area to take part in a question and answer session with three leading commentators.


The event, to be held in Peebles Burgh Hall on Thursday 31 July at 7pm, will feature:


- Louise Batchelor, former environment correspondent for the BBC

- Patrick Harvie MSP, co-convener of the Scottish Greens

- Robin McAlpine of the Jimmy Reid Foundation and Common Weal project


Patrick Harvie MSP said:


"The referendum debate has sparked a very welcome revival of public engagement in politics and I'm really looking forward to hearing from voters in Peebles. The opportunity we have in September is to decide who speaks for Scotland - should it be the House of Commons and the House of Lords or should it be the Scottish Parliament?


"I see great opportunities for communities in the Borders from a Yes vote. If the Scottish Parliament becomes responsible for areas such as social security, foreign policy and defence it's reasonable to expect power to be given to a more local level.


"Peebles has a well-deserved reputation for thinking globally and creatively, so I'm looking forward to a lively discussion. Those who are unsure about independence deserve to hear a wide range of perspectives as they reach a judgement on this hugely important vote."


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