Sat 6 May, 2017

By electing me, Glasgow can show that we reject May’s Hard Brexit disaster and fight for our future in Europe. Patrick Harvie

Patrick Harvie, the Scottish Greens’ co-convener will campaign to become the MP for Glasgow North at the General Election in June.

Harvie, who represents Glasgow at Holyrood, wants voters to “take the fight to the Tories” and elect a Green MP who will not just vigorously oppose their agenda but will offer a positive, hopeful alternative.

The announcement comes on the back of a successful council election for the Greens in Glasgow, where a record seven councillors were elected across the city, including Hillhead in the heart of Glasgow North, where the Greens topped the poll.

Patrick Harvie said:

“This election was called by a Tory Prime Minister taking advantage of a weak Labour party - but we can use it to send Theresa May a message. By electing me, Glasgow can show that we reject May’s Hard Brexit disaster and fight for our future in Europe. We can show her government that Scotland rejects their cruel attacks on disabled people and the vulnerable, including the vile Rape Clause. And we can prove that there is a better way.

“Green voices at Westminster will be critical in these next few years, as the Tories try to inflict terrible and lasting damage on Glasgow, Scotland and wider society. We need to take the fight to them with bold, progressive voices in the House of Commons.

“I want to make a real impact as an MP, joining forces with the incredible Caroline Lucas who, as a single Green MP, has been doing the work of a hundred politicians. Caroline and I will always look to work constructively with other parties where we can, but we'll never back tax cuts for big business while so many people are struggling, or subsidise the fossil fuel industry while the climate crisis grows. The people of Glasgow can be confident that I'll offer a positive alternative, and stand up for what matters.”

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