Thu 1 Oct, 2020

Responding to reports that the European Commission has initiated legal proceedings against the UK for breaching the withdrawal agreement, Scottish Greens Co-Leader Patrick Harvie MSP said:

“The President of the European Commission is right to say that the UK Government has failed to act in good faith. The Tory position has undermined discussions with the EU, it has jeopardised the Good Friday Agreement, and it has run a coach and horses through the devolution settlement.

“The Westminster government is acting with delusions of imperial grandeur, thinking it can proceed as it likes without reference to international norms and in violation of the rule of law. It will soon find, if it hasn’t already realised, that the empire is over and that our international partners prefer rules-based operators.

“The people of Scotland have shown in increasingly greater numbers that they want nothing to do with Boris Johnson’s car crash Brexit. That’s why it’s now inevitable that Scotland will soon leave this car crash behind, and become an independent European country.”

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