Our message of a bolder Holyrood is connecting with voters

The Scottish Greens today (22 April) welcomed the latest opinion poll, suggesting a record number of Green MSPs will be elected on 5 May.

Analysis of the Survation poll suggests 12 MSPs compared to 6 Lib Dems. Analysis of the previous five polls (BMG, Panelbase, YouGov, Survation, TNS) suggests between 7 and 10 Green MSPs. 

Scottish Greens co-convener Patrick Harvie said:

"As we enter the final fortnight of campaigning, the Green message of a bolder Holyrood is connecting with voters. With Labour's continued decline and the SNP's cautious approach to government, the need for progressive voices in parliament to keep Scotland moving in the right direction is clear.

"The Scottish Greens have been polling strongly on the regional vote, and those regional votes will make all the difference in getting the bolder parliament Scotland needs. Our candidates and teams of campaigners are working hard to turn those polling numbers into Green MSPs who will be a fresh voice for every region of Scotland."

Survation poll suggesting 12 Green MSPs