Our amendment for this week's crucial Holyrood debate and vote on a fresh Scottish independence referendum

Scottish Green MSPs have lodged an amendment for this week's crucial Holyrood debate and vote on a fresh Scottish independence referendum.

The Green amendment adds to the Government motion a call for the referendum to have a franchise which includes votes for 16 and 17 year olds, and for EU citizens.

The amendment also adds that a referendum is necessary given the UK Government’s decision to negotiate a ‘hard’ exit from the EU and its failure to take account of the strong Remain vote in Scotland.

Patrick Harvie MSP, Co-convener of the Scottish Greens, said:

"The people of Scotland deserve to have a choice, and it's appalling to see anti-democratic Tories trying to close down our options, while a feeble Labour party simply rolls over on what will be a devastating hard Brexit we did not vote for.

"Greens have consistently called for Scotland's Remain vote to be respected. Other opposition parties who once claimed to support Scotland's EU membership have simply given up, and have instead put their energies into trying to mislead people about the Green manifesto.

"Following the Brexit result, our party membership agreed that a section 30 order was needed and that work should continue towards a fresh independence referendum. We believe it should be for the people to decide our future, and certainly not a Westminster government we didn't elect.

"Scottish voters, including 16 and 17 year olds and EU citizens who would otherwise be disenfranchised by a backward Tory government, should have a choice at the point where both options are clear. By the autumn of next year, we will know the true shape of Brexit. Greens will help shape the alternative, and we believe our policies on currency and energy independence will ensure an offer that is responsible, credible and compelling."


The full text of the Green amendment is:
As an amendment to motion S5M-04710 in the name of Nicola Sturgeon (Scotland's Choice), insert at end “; believes that this gives people in Scotland a choice at a time when there is both the most information and most opportunity to act; further believes that 16 and 17-year-olds and EU citizens, who were excluded from the EU referendum, should be entitled to vote, and considers that this referendum is necessary given the Prime Minister’s decision to negotiate a hard exit from the EU, including leaving the single market, which conflicts with assurances given by the UK Government and prominent leave campaigners, and which takes no account of the overwhelming remain vote in Scotland."