Osborne's budget is an attack on the next generations

Patrick Harvie, co-convenor of the Scottish Greens, has today said that Chancellor Osborne is 'pulling the rug'  rug from under Scotland's children and young people, as his new budget inflicts further damage on the welfare state and reduce prospects for quality job opportunities. George Osborne said his budget will provide 'long-term solutions to long-term problems' and 'put the next generation first'.

Patrick said that Osborne’s decision to impose further £4bn in budgets cuts while dramatically cutting corporation tax put the represent continued assault on the welfare state. Patrick also criticised further tax breaks to the declining oil industry, when only £730m of investment was directed to renewables.

Patrick Harvie said:

"George Osborne is pulling the rug from under Scotland's children and young people. The Chancellor has chosen to focus on his obsession to reduce public debt – a goal which he has failed to reach – despite the problem of household debt being so much more of a problem, and one which new savings schemes can do nothing to solve. He also expects people to endure his economic policies without the safety net of a decent social security system that previous generations built up.

"Recent months have exposed the vulnerability of the Scottish economy to over-reliance on the North Sea oil and gas industry - it's clear that the next generation can't trust on the oil industry to provide them with work and security. Osborne's approach to this crisis is short-sighted in the extreme - he has chosen to give yet more tax relief to big oil business while handing over pennies to the renewables sector that, with proper support, could provide quality jobs in years to come.

"There are limits to what Scotland can do to protect people from the worst effects of this Tory budget, but that must not stop us from doing everything we can to show that there is a better way forward. The Scottish Greens are committed to building a country whose number one priority is the well-being and future of all the people, not the private interests of the wealthy few. We will continue to build an ever stronger case for independence, and make ensure that Scotland's new tax powers are used to raise revenue that will protect our vital public services from wave after wave of Westminster cuts."