Scottish Greens are dismissing as "campaign bluster" the latest position from Tory Chancellor George Osborne on currency, but are also renewing calls for other options to be kept open by the Scottish Government.

It is understood the Chancellor will attempt to "rule out" the prospect of an independent Scotland sharing the pound following a Yes vote in September's referendum. It has also been suggested that a Libdem Treasury minister and Labour's shadow chancellor will echo these comments.

Scottish Greens believe sharing the pound may be the best starting point but that over time as Scotland took different economic choices it would need the option of using an independent currency. Greens have urged Scottish ministers to prepare for this scenario.

Patrick Harvie MSP, Co-convener of the Scottish Greens, said:

"This latest campaign bluster from Osborne is quite silly. The truth is that discussions over currency are for post-Yes negotiations, and nobody even knows who'll be in Government at Westminster from 2015. Osborne's position today is a shallow campaign threat, and one which I suspect will backfire.

"The currency that Scotland uses can only be negotiated after a Yes vote, and it will be in the interests of both Governments to agree a smooth and rational transition. But just as Osborne can't know that a deal won't be done, Alex Salmond can't know that it will. It seems that Scotland must keep open the option of our own independent currency, in case we need it sooner rather than later."


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