'Nobody recognises Labour any more'

Maggie Chapman MSP appeals to Anas Sarwar and his MSPs not to abandon Scotland's LGBTQIA+ community in the face of yet more pressure from their party leaders in London.

Scottish Greens equality spokesperson Maggie Chapman is urging Labour not to sell out the LGBTQIA+ community in exchange for ‘cheap’ votes in its desperate attempt to win an election.

She said Scottish Labour’s refusal to recommit to backing trans rights in Scotland as voted for by the Holyrood parliament ahead of a court hearing was both “heartbreaking” and proved London was now in charge of its decisions. 

Ms Chapman said: “Labour’s refusal to defend the rights of trans people is heartbreaking not just for them but the entire LGBTQIA+ community who must be wondering what else they Labour is willing to sacrifice for a handful of cheap, grubby votes.

“This is particularly true for asylum seekers fleeing persecution because of their gender or sexuality who now face the very real prospect of any future Brexit friendly new Labour government turning its backs on refugees on multiple grounds. 

“Scottish Labour did the right thing last year and backed gender reforms for Scotland in the face of quite vile Tory opposition. Now, at the behest of Sir Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner, it seems Anas Sarwar has been told to reverse that stance.

“In doing so Scottish Labour will have abandoned not just trans people, but the whole LGBTQIA+ community who will never again be able to trust a thing they say, nevermind consider voting for them.

“By contrast, Scottish Greens are working to further equalities, fighting tooth and nail to improve trans rights. And we are speaking up for asylum seekers and doing what we can to protect workers’ rights.

“Nobody recognises Labour any more, they seem to have abandoned their values, and can no longer be trusted to stand up against bigotry and prejudice. And we don’t know if they’ll back devolution and join the fight to protect laws passed in Scotland by our parliament. 

“It is clear that Anas Sarwar has been sidelined as leader and London are running their show in Scotland now.” 

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