No place for conversion practices in a progressive Scotland

A statement from the Scottish Greens Co-leader, Patrick Harvie MSP, on conversion practices.

“Anti-LGBTQ+ conversion practices are abhorrent and abusive by nature. There is no such thing as a non-coercive conversion practice and never can be.

“Anyone who argues that people should be able to consent to this form of abuse is clearly failing to understand the issue.

“Nobody should be told that they are not good enough or that they should be ashamed of who they are.

“The Bute House Agreement between the Scottish Greens and the Scottish Government committed to a watertight ban on all conversion practices. That is what we believe in and is the commitment we would seek from any new First Minister. 

“Anything less than a full and unequivocal ban would go against that Agreement, which was overwhelmingly supported by the membership of both parties.

“Equality is, and always will be, central to our party and our vision for Scotland.”