No mention of climate change from Sturgeon say Greens

The SNP’s failure to mention the environment or climate change is further proof of why Scotland “urgently needs its first Green MP” say the Scottish Greens.

Commenting on Nicola Sturgeon’s launch of her party’s 2017 General Election manifesto in Perth today, Mark Ruskell also questioned the SNP’s ability to challenge the Tories on environmental issues. Meanwhile, the Scottish Greens launched their manifesto in Glasgow yesterday with a commitment to a "Green industrial revolution".

Mark Ruskell MSP, the Scottish Greens’ environment spokesperson, said:

“There’s now a big question mark over the SNP’s ability to take on the Tories over climate change. Brexit threatens the progress the EU has made in creating cleaner air, beaches and rivers, protecting our seas, driving up animal welfare standards and ending the UK’s reliance on coal for electricity. And yet, there was no mention of the environment or climate change at the party’s manifesto launch.

“It’s further proof that Scotland urgently needs its first Green MP at Westminster. It was Greens who led the way in achieving much of what’s now at risk, from capping bankers’ bonuses to controlling toxic chemicals. And it’s Greens who can be trusted to stand up for these important issues again.”