No future in new oil fields like Rosebank and Jackdaw

Scotland can show true climate leadership by refusing to squeeze any more fossil fuels from the climate wrecking new oil fields, like Rosebank and Jackdaw, say the Scottish Greens.

In a question to Nicola Sturgeon at First Minister’s Questions (FMQs), Scottish Green MSP Ariane Burgess challenged Scotland to ‘play a leading role in tackling the global climate emergency.’

Speaking after FMQs, Ariane said:

“Scotland’s history of heavy industry means we have a significant responsibility to tackle climate change - the greatest challenge we face this century. We've also shown how we can lead from the front in transforming our energy supply and building a clean, green and renewable future

“If we are to mitigate the devastating impacts of climate breakdown then the years ahead will be full of crucial choices - for example on standards of homes and buildings, on sustainable transport, on what we farm and how we use land. These are the big questions that we should be focusing on. 

“We cannot keep drilling. The situation is far too urgent. All governments should be investing in a just transition, not squeezing even more climate wrecking fossil fuels out of new fields like Rosebank and Jackdaw.”