Nicola Sturgeon meets Green family helping Scotland to stay in EU

Scottish Greens’ co-convener, Patrick Harvie welcomed Nicola Sturgeon to a pro-European gathering in Glasgow today, the largest Scotland has ever held.

The First Minister addressed an audience assembled at the European Green Party Congress in Strathclyde University, where Mr Harvie outlined the need for progressive, pro-European parties to work constructively together. It’s the first time the EGP has held the event in Scotland.

Harvie, a Glasgow MSP, will also highlighted the city’s radical political history and the importance of European Greens in speaking up for Scotland finding a way to stay in Europe.

Patrick Harvie MSP said:

“The UK government, so far at least, appears unwilling to respect Scotland’s position and make any appropriate arrangements to reflect how people here voted. Even those within the UK government who speak of access to the single market, mean only access for businesses, not for people. For us, freedom of movement is an essential, and integral part of the single market, and cannot be negotiated away.

“This democratic deficit is particularly important given the constitutional history of Scotland, which understands that sovereignty lies with the people. So for us, there is huge value in our continued membership of the Green family, and in your presence here to reaffirm that place.

“As Greens, we have our differences with the SNP government in Scotland. From time to time, we’ll continue to disagree, hopefully in a constructive spirit, without opportunism. But on this critical challenge, to safeguard Scotland’s place in Europe, we are in strong agreement.

“As First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon has made the case both here at home, and around Europe, for Scotland’s democratic decision to be respected, for our rights within Europe to be protected, for our voices to be heard.

“In this task, the Scottish Greens offer our support, so just as I am happy that you are here, to bring the support of the European Green family, I am also very pleased that the First Minister is here, to meet with our Green family, to reassert the value we place on our position in Europe and the value we place on your support and understanding.”