Tue 19 Jul, 2022

The next Tory leader must prioritise the climate emergency according to the Scottish Greens, who have described this week's record heatwave as a clear example of why the four remaining candidates must commit to halting the proposed Cambo oil field and Jackdaw gas field in the North Sea.

Scottish Greens finance spokesperson, Ross Greer MSP, said:

"It is less than 12 months since Boris Johnson and his colleagues promised the Earth at COP26, only to immediately continue with a business-as-usual approach to oil, gas and coal."

"This extreme heat should not be normal, but, unless bold and transformative action is taken now, we may remember 2022 as the coolest summer of the rest of our lives. Climate breakdown isn't some abstract future event, it's happening right in front of us today."

"None of the Tory leadership candidates are taking this crisis, the greatest we've ever faced, remotely seriously. They are all committed to the same climate vandalism and fossil fuel extraction which has brought us to this terrible point."

"Whoever wins will have their time in Downing Street defined by their response to the climate emergency, but some of these candidates unbelievably seem to want to roll back rather than ramp up what little action the UK government is already taking. It is time for them to finally recognise the threat we face, show some level of leadership and, at an absolute minimum, commit to blocking the Cambo oil and Jackdaw gas fields."

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