The Scottish Greens say there is little chance of Scotland meeting its target of 10 percent of journeys being made by bike in 2020 without increased funding and greater commitment from the Scottish Government and local authorities.


Today the first ever debate in Government time on cycling and walking was held. Alison Johnstone spoke to a Green amendment calling for a substantial increase in funding, which is still less than 2% of the £2 billion transport budget.   The Scottish Government's own motion contained no reference to the 2020 target, despite SNP MSPs supporting it in a debate led by Alison Johnstone in 2012.


Alison Johnstone, Green MSP for Lothian and Co-Convenor of the Cross Party Group on Cycling said:


"Scotland's new Transport Minister must match the Government's ambition for an active nation with the funding to hit the target, otherwise we'll miss out on the huge benefits of a healthier population.


"There is some excellent work going on around Scotland to upgrade infrastructure, reduce speeds and improve training but this will remain patchy without higher and consistent funding. The demand for better cycling keeps growing, so I urge politicians at all levels to take a fresh approach in 2015 and make a cycle-friendly nation one of their top priorities."