New renewables target must feature in Scot Gov energy strategy

Mark Ruskell MSP, Energy spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, today (30 Dec) welcomed the call from environmental and industry groups for Scottish Ministers to set a new target to ensure half of all energy used in Scotland comes from renewable sources by 2030.

Mark said:

“This call will increase the pressure, not just on the Scottish Government, but on other opposition parties to match the Scottish Greens’ ambition. Earlier this month other parties voted down or abstained on our proposal to set a target of Scotland producing half of all the energy it consumes from clean, renewable sources.

“We can see the support for this target is growing. It would create more jobs, reduce climate change emissions and air pollution, and cut fuel poverty.

“Scotland's renewables industry has been badly damaged by the anti-Green policies of the Westminster Government. The target of 50 per cent of energy from renewables must feature in the Scottish Government's forthcoming energy strategy.”