New analysis showing exiting Single Market would see Scotland £12.7 billion worse off puts further pressure on Labour says Greer

A new economic impact analysis showing that exiting the Single Market would see Scotland £12.7 billion worse off by 2030 - a loss of £2,300 per person per year - puts further pressure on Labour to get off the fence on Brexit, according to Scottish Greens external affairs spokesperson Ross Greer MSP.

The Scottish Government analysis shows that a ‘Canada-type’ deal with the EU would still leave Scotland £9 billion worse off, and that continued migration from the EU in line with Freedom of Movement is needed to support tax revenue and public services.

Ross Greer MSP said:

“This analysis adds more weight to the many others, including from LSE and the Fraser of Allander institute, confirming that Brexit will be devastating for Scottish jobs and communities. Greens have already published a paper outlining how Scotland should prepare for the impact of Brexit, avoiding the tens of thousands of lost jobs and bonfire of our rights and protections the Tories have planned. 

"It is vital that we keep as close a relationship to the EU as possible. Full access to the single market is clearly the least damaging option for both Scotland and the rest of the UK so it is disappointing to see Scottish Labour refuse to join us in arguing for this and instead essentially choosing to back the Tories' jobs-destroying Hard Brexit."