MSPs issue call to stop Brexit

MSPs issue call to stop Brexit

The Scottish Parliament has said that Brexit should be stopped by revoking article 50, if there is not time to hold a People’s Vote with an option to remain in the EU.

The call from Holyrood comes just hours before MPs in Westminster will vote on a range of possible Brexit outcomes in so-called indicative votes.

The Scottish Greens motion, which won support from SNP and Labour MSPs, also commended the near-six million people who have signed a UK Parliament petition to revoke Article 50 and called on the UK Government to stop ignoring the views of Scotland and the Scottish Parliament.

The Greens’ parliamentary co-leader Patrick Harvie, who moved the motion, said:

“Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the European Union but the Prime Minister refused to reach out to find consensus, so increasingly she has had to pin her hopes on persuading a reckless rabble of hard-right Brexiteers.   

“Faced with such monumental disrespect, it’s no surprise the Scottish Parliament has voted to back the millions who’ve marched in London or signed the record-breaking petition to revoke Article 50, desperate for a way out of the Brexit mess.

“The UK Government is in a shambles – but thanks to Green MSPs and others winning the right to revoke Article 50, MPs do have a choice. This evening they can exercise that, first by asking for an extension long enough for any withdrawal agreement to be put back to the people, and if that doesn’t happen, to cancel the crisis, revoke, and move on.”