Ross Greer, Green Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) praised the community work of organisations from the Jewish community during a recent parliamentary debate.

Greer, MSP for the West of Scotland spoke during the debate to celebrate the launch of Serve Scotland, a network of church-based charitable organisations. He referred to the work being done by charitable organisations based within the Jewish community in his region including Jewish Care Scotland and Cosgrove Care.

Ross Greer Commented “I’ve been extremely impressed to learn over the past year of the charitable work going on within the Jewish community and was delighted to be able to draw attention to it in Parliament. Not only do these organisations support people in need within the community with – to name a few examples-  care services and kosher foodbanks but they also look more widely, helping refugees and asylum seekers settle in the area for example.”

“These services are part of a rich network of voluntary and charitable organisations from across all faiths and communities in Scotland. I hope they continue their fantastic work and wish them well.”


Exert from speech: “This wonderful work is far from the exclusive domain of Christians of course.

In my region the Jewish community for example, though small, provide an amazing number of services and projects for the wider community.

Jewish Care Scotland organise everything from kosher foodbanks to mental health support and projects to integrate refugees and asylum seekers into their new communities. And the likes of Cosgrove Care, rooted in the Jewish community and CrossReach from the Church of Scotland provide such high quality care services for those with additional support needs, the elderly, vulnerable young people and so many others that they are some of the largest social care providers in the country.”