MSP Calls for Intervention to save Recycling Charity

Green MSP Ross Greer has written to the Leader of East Renfrewshire Council, Tony Buchanan, asking for him to intervene to save a local re-use charity that has announced an imminent closure, meaning the loss of a number of jobs . The move comes after ReUseIt, who have been in Barrhead for seven years, announced that they intend to close due to a shortage of funds. ReUseIt have diverted more than 510 tonnes of used furniture from landfill since 2010, selling it on from their warehouse in Muriel Street, Barrhead.


Ross Greer, Green MSP for the West of Scotland, has written to the leader of the council calling on him to work to save the enterprise, either by finding the £10k they need in order to keep going long enough to become financially self-sufficient, or by supporting them to find third-party funding.


Greer said “I visited ReUseIt last year and was very impressed at what an excellent example of a socially and environmentally oriented enterprise it is. People in Barrhead can be proud of how Marie and the team have diverted many tonnes of furniture from landfill, employed people on a living wage, provided opportunities for local volunteers and provided furniture to people, many of whom are in dire need.


“I urge the council to step in to give ReUseIt enough time to make the changes they need to make to thrive for many years to come. Their support would be an excellent investment in a project that benefits the whole community.”