MPs who refused to back Gaza ceasefire should be utterly ashamed

Westminster's vote against a ceasefire in Gaza is a tacit endorsement of war crimes.

The MPs who have refused to back UN calls for a ceasefire in Gaza should be utterly ashamed, says Scottish Greens’ external affairs spokesperson Ross Greer MSP.

Mr Greer said: “This vote shows the very worst of Westminster. Every MP who refused to back UN calls for a ceasefire should be ashamed of themselves. They had the opportunity to stand against this deliberate and brazenly announced genocide, but chose instead to give it their tacit endorsement.

“Israel’s relentless bombing campaign has already killed 11,000 people in Gaza, including thousands of children. It is simply disgraceful for any MP to look at the pain and destruction being inflicted and then refuse to call for it to end.

“The UK government has supported Israeli forces at every bloody step of this assault and the so-called Labour opposition has been no better. Sir Keir Starmer is a human rights lawyer, so he knows the extent of the war crimes being committed by Israel and yet he has thrown his support behind their attacks.

“We should recognise the conviction and principle of the Labour MPs who have defied their party leaderships to vote for peace, particularly the now former front benchers who have done so in the face of the worst political blackmail. They must now ask themselves if they really believe that Keir Starmer is fit for the job of Prime Minister.

“History will remember this vote and those who stood in solidarity with civilians in Gaza. This was a basic moral test for every MP, one the vast majority have sadly failed.”