MPs must support a ceasefire in Gaza

MPs must take the opportunity to vote for a ceasefire and stand in solidarity with people in Gaza.

There is a moral responsibility on every MP to protect the rights and lives of people in Gaza and support growing international calls for a ceasefire, says Scottish Greens external affairs spokesperson Ross Greer.

The comments come ahead of a Westminster vote on a ceasefire, which the Tories are expected to oppose and Labour is yet to take a position on.

Mr Greer said: “The humanitarian situation in Gaza is devastating and is getting worse every day. Israel is inflicting a genocide on the civilian population, with tens of thousands killed in fewer than 150 days, including at least 12,000 children. I don’t understand how anyone can look at that carnage and not do everything within their power to stop it?

“UK MPs have the chance to put pressure on Israel and send a message of solidarity with the people of Palestine. It would be a moral disgrace if they choose to do otherwise.

“Over the last four months Israeli forces have withheld water, food and electricity whilst constantly bombing densely populated areas and deliberately targeting civilians with sniper and tank fire. This is collective punishment, a war crime.

“The Tories have been actively complicit, continuing to support Israel and refusing calls for a ban on sales of British arms and military equipment, but the Labour leadership has been no better.

“In November, ten Labour front-benchers showed the courage of their convictions and voted to call for a ceasefire. Disgracefully, they were sacked by Sir Keir Starmer for doing so.

“Some, particularly in Labour, are trying to say that their vote won’t matter as it won’t stop the violence. Given the UK’s crucial role supporting Israel’s brutal occupation of Palestine over many decades, this is clearly untrue.

“People around the world will be watching Westminster tomorrow. The eyes of history will remember every MP who could see a genocide happening in real time and decided to ignore it.”