Wed 11 Mar, 2020

More than 5000 people have submitted objections to Ministry of Defence plans to increase the volume of radioactive waste dumped into the Gareloch, thanks to a campaign by local Scottish Greens MSP Ross Greer

The MoD is seeking approval to significantly increase the volume of radioactive waste it dumps into Scottish waters. At the core of these plans is an intention to build a new Nuclear Support Hub at Faslane naval base, in order to more than double the number of nuclear submarines based there. This would see the Faslane base pump more radioactive waste into the natural environment at the Gareloch.

The MoD’s application outlines expected discharges of up to fifty two times more radioactive Cobalt-60 and up to thirty times more radioactive tritium than at present.

Mr Greer raised the matter in parliament this afternoon,  demanding that the Scottish Government explain why they responded to the consultation but did not object. Cabinet Secretary for the Environment Roseanna Cunningham refused to answer directly.

Ross Greer MSP said:

“I’m stunned that an SNP Government which opposes the presence of nuclear weapons at Faslane is not willing to stand up to Westminster plans to massively increase the volume of radioactive waste those submarines are dumping into Scottish waters. That is the opposite of standing up for Scotland.

“These proposals will lead to additional radioactive waste being dumped into the Gareloch, doing further damage to our natural environment. The plan has caused considerable concern to local people and many others across Scotland, so the Scottish Government’s absolute failure to live up to their own rhetoric is disappointing. Fortunately, the Greens are ready to lead where the SNP have already given up in the campaign to protect Scotland from this nuclear arsenal and its lethal waste.”

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