Ministers must rethink their policy on Air Passenger Duty

The Scottish Greens today (29 July) welcomed analysis of a consultation into the Scottish Government's policy to scrap Air Passenger Duty and urged Ministers to rethink their plans.

The analysis shows that the majority of respondents are opposed to the idea.

Scottish Greens have long questioned the Scottish Government's policy, forcing ministers to reveal that cutting the duty would increase air traffic and associated climate change emissions.

Green MSP Andy Wightman, a member of Holyrood's Economy committee, said:

“It’s disappointing that the Finance Minister is not heeding the concerns being expressed in this consultation. Most of the 160 respondents expressed an objection to cutting APD, given it will increase climate change emissions and remove vital funding for public services. 

"The Scottish Government seems intent on pressing ahead but there is clearly not a majority in parliament for scrapping APD. Ministers would do well to consider ways to use the new tax powers to promote social justice rather than simply giving a tax break to an already under-taxed heavily-polluting industry and wealthy frequent fliers.”


Consultation on a Scottish Replacement to Air Passenger Duty, Analysis of Responses