Minimum price for alcohol backed by Green Conference

For immediate release 6 November 2010

Current proposals from the Scottish Government for a minimum price for alcohol were today endorsed by the Scottish Green Party Conference, and delegates also urged Ministers to work with their counterparts in Westminster and Europe to secure cooperation on pricing.

Patrick Harvie MSP said:

"All parties at Holyrood accept the damage done by Scotland's excessive drinking habit, but so far none of the other opposition parties have been prepared to support Scottish Ministers' proposals on minimum pricing. The evidence in favour of minimum pricing is strong, and Scottish Green Party Conference has today confirmed that we will work with Ministers to try and pass these proposals. We also hope the other opposition parties are ready to play a more constructive role from now on.

"This is not just a Scottish problem, though, and we have seen the side effects of wildly different duty regimes between territories. Scottish Ministers must now also work with their UK counterparts to try and find effective measures that can work across Britain, and to focus on reducing the harm caused without unduly penalising responsible drinking."

James Mackenzie
Communications Coordinator
Scottish Green Party
Mob: 07921 333 617