May’s Brexit deal will be profoundly damaging to Scotland, says Harvie

Responding to today’s analysis from the Scottish Government showing the proposed Brexit deal could cost the equivalent of £1,600 for each person in Scotland by 2030, compared to continued EU membership, Scottish Greens co-convener Patrick Harvie MSP said:

“It’s completely clear that Theresa May’s deal, even if it clears the apparently impossible hurdle of gaining the support of MPs, will be profoundly damaging to Scotland and the rest of the UK. That damage will be economic, but it will also be felt in the lack of safeguards for people’s rights, and a gaping hole in environmental governance.

“It’s also essential that we challenge the idea that freedom of movement should be judged in a Scrooge-like fashion, asking only ‘how much do they pay in, how much do they claim?’. This selfish and reductive approach fails to understand that freedom of movement is empowering and liberating for people, and represents one of the most astonishing political achievements since the Second World War.

“There is clearly no majority in Parliament for this deal, and there will be no majority for a chaotic cliff-edge Brexit either. The only rational thing to do now is to stop the mess, and allow a People’s Vote to cancel Brexit.”