Mass testing essential to bring virus under control say Greens

Scottish Greens Health Spokesperson Alison Johnstone MSP has renewed her call for the Scottish Government to rollout mass testing, after the SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford said in the commons this afternoon that “mass testing is vital.”

Alison Johnstone wrote to the First Minister in September outlining a five-point mass testing plan to ramp up testing across the country. The First Minister subsequently announced a review of her testing strategy which Ms Johnstone has said must be quick and deliver a major increase in testing.

Alison Johnstone MSP said:

“The Scottish Greens have consistently called for a robust testing regime to allow us to bring this virus under control. With cases rising rapidly across Scotland and the privatised UK testing system failing to keep up, the case for mass testing is now stronger than ever. People with mild or no symptoms can have COVID-19 but the current strategy remains largely focussed on testing those with symptoms. It’s a relief to see the SNP finally acknowledge that and I hope it will now form the basis of an expanded test and protect programme. The more information we have about who has the virus and where it is spreading the better we can tackle it. So, it’s vital that mass testing, including weekly testing of all NHS and care staff, is put in place urgently.”