Maggie Chapman | Statement on Hamas and Israel

MSP shares statement regarding unfolding tragedy in Gaza

As a prominent campaigner for a peaceful and long-lasting solution to the Palestinian-Israeli crisis, earlier this week I shared a post on the social media platform X that sought to widen the context of the tragedy unfolding in Gaza. 

I recognise this post caused significant upset and anger for some. That was never my intention, and I regret where this was the result. This post has become a distraction to our collective efforts to focus on dealing with the unfolding humanitarian disaster.

I have therefore removed that post. Our focus must be on how to prevent further killing and ease the suffering of all those affected by the conflict.

The Green Group of MSPs are clear in our shared view that the killing of civilians was an act of terrorism. We urge Hamas to release all hostages safely and immediately.

We also condemn the killing of civilians and the ongoing siege of Gaza by Israel in the strongest terms and call for a halt to their military operations to prevent the continuing human catastrophe that is unfolding.