Lorna Slater and Patrick Harvie unchallenged as co-leaders in party elections

Lorna Slater and Patrick Harvie are unopposed in the Scottish Greens internal elections.

Lorna Slater and Patrick Harvie will go unchallenged as co-leaders of the Scottish Greens at the party’s internal elections this summer, in a ringing endorsement of their work as Ministers and in leading their party to record polling numbers.

Officials confirmed nominations have closed with no-one opposing Mr Harvie, who marks his 20th year at the parliament, nor Ms Slater who last month faced down a spurious no confidence vote by the Scottish Tories.

Ms Slater said:

“Scottish Greens in government are ensuring that progressive policies on climate, nature, the environment, well-being, equality and fairness are at the heart of decision making. I look forward to continuing that work on behalf of the party and the people of Scotland.

“As a Minister, I am delighted to have already delivered record funding for nature, biodiversity, a ban on single use plastic, incineration and coal extraction, published the circular economy bill and am delivering the first national park in a generation.

“We are leading on the Green change that is so essential and are only just getting started in transforming Scotland.”

Mr Harvie said:

“Green politics have never been more vital to society than right now in the face of a toxic Tory party that lurches further to the right with every draconian decision slithering out from Downing Street.

“We will always stand up for equality, for those seeking asylum, people struggling with a Westminster driven cost of living crisis, and our environment at a time of climate crisis requiring radical ideas for change.

“It continues to be a huge honour for me to play a part in leading our party as we enjoy record polling numbers which has us on course to deliver even more MSPs at the next Scottish election. I hope the work we are doing will convince others to join the green movement too.”

The MSPs were first elected as co-leaders in 2019 and returned unopposed in 2021, becoming the first green politicians anywhere in the UK to become Ministers by leading the Scottish Greens into government as in a pact  called the Bute House Agreement. 

The Party’s annual elections will see 48 positions voted for between Wednesday, July 12 and Monday, July 24. Results will be released shortly afterwards.