Wed 31 Mar, 2021

Scottish Green co-leader brought fresh energy to the first TV leaders debate of the 2021 election campaign.

Despite attempts by other leaders to stick to arguments around the timing of a referendum, Lorna Slater clearly laid out the impact Scottish Greens have had in the Scottish Parliament and our vision for Scotland's future as a fairer, greener, independent nation

Commenting on his fellow co-leader's performance on this evening’s leaders’ debate, Scottish Greens co-leader Patrick Harvie said:

“This was Lorna's first TV debate, but she has shown that she is a terrific new voice in Scottish politics. She set out the stakes at this election and called out those who have nothing to offer but stopping Scotland having a say over our future. Lorna’s fresh energy stood out against experienced politicians to highlight our positive vision for Scotland’s future by investing in a green recovery and addressing the climate emergency.”


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Poll shows record number of Scottish Green MSPs

Wed 7 Apr, 2021

Responding to the Ipsos Mori poll for STV which puts the Scottish Greens on 12% for the regional list vote, co-leader Lorna Slater said:

 "This poll tells us that the Scottish Greens are set to have a record number of MSPs in Holyrood and could yet play a crucial role in securing a pro-independence majority in May. I'm also proud that if this poll turns into votes we will have eight women and three men as our Scottish Green MSPs.

Scottish Greens pledge to abolish not proven verdict

Tue 6 Apr, 2021

Scottish Greens would abolish the ‘not proven’ verdict, the party has announced.

Scotland, unlike most of the world's legal systems, has three possible verdicts in criminal cases - guilty, not guilty and not proven – but in practice the ‘not proven’ outcome is an acquittal, with the same outcome as ‘not guilty’. This often creates significant confusion for jurors.

Scottish Greens: end the war on drugs

Sat 3 Apr, 2021

Scottish Greens will today pledge to end the war on drugs so that resources are channelled into tackling it as a public health rather than a criminal justice issue.

The Scottish Green manifesto will include proposals to adopt a person-centred approach with a focus on drop-in services and crisis centres which are accessible and provide holistic support. This will include the introduction of safe consumption facilities.

The party would also integrate alcohol and drug partnerships with other services to develop a well-planned rehabilitation service.