Leaders Debate: Greens Slam UKIP Attempts To Slash Scotland's Block Grant

The Scottish Green Party have tonight slammed UKIP for promising to slash Scotland's block grant in an attempt to save their declining support in England. During ITV's televised leaders debate, Nigel Farage repeatedly claimed that less of English taxpayers' money needed to be 'sent over Hadrians' Wall.' In response, Patrick Harvie MSP said:

“The leaders' debate showed so clearly that there is an alternative to the cuts agenda from the Westminster parties. Natalie Bennett made clear that the Greens would support and enhance our public services and we would do it though a fairer tax system which makes the wealthiest individuals and large corporations pay their fair share.

In contrast, Nigel Farage repeatedly claimed that Scotland's budget should be cut in an attempt to save his flagging popularity in England. I'm confident that voters in England won't let UKIP play divide and rule at the cost of Scotland's NHS, schools and emergyency services.”