Latest poll predicts Green gains

For immediate release 7 March 2011

A TNS-BMRB poll in today's Herald predicts a trebling of the number of Greens at Holyrood and a widening of the gap between Labour and the SNP, confirming a trend in recent polls.

Patrick Harvie MSP said:

"It would be a bad idea for anyone to get complacent about this poll, and we certainly won't do so. But we do have a distinctive answer to the central question of this election, which is whether Scotland should accept Tory cuts. Labour and the SNP don't dare look left-wing, and the Lib Dems couldn't do so even if they tried. Only the Greens will be campaigning hard for an alternative approach, based on fairer taxes on the wealthy and on big business.

"Whatever the outcome of the election, Holyrood must hear strong voices against these cuts, and that can only mean a substantial group of Green MSPs. Whichever party tries to form a government in May has a duty to stand up for Scotland against the Tory agenda. Neither Labour nor the SNP are yet prepared to take that stand, and if they don't manage to find some backbone we will continue to offer voters the only alternative."