5 June, 2013 - 15:58

Scottish Greens are urging ministers to be bolder on land reform, and look at measures including land value tax.

The interim report of the Land Reform Review Group set up by the Scottish Government has been criticised for failing to tackle issues such as tax avoidance and absentee landlords.

Two members of the group - Jim Hunter and Sarah Skerratt - resigned, with Dr Hunter accusing the Scottish Government of doing "absolutely nothing" about the "most unreformed and undemocratic land ownership system in the entire developed world.”

Green MSP Patrick Harvie said:

"This is a crucial issue which is in danger of disappearing from the government's radar. The wealthy individuals and companies that own land in Scotland are doing their best to close down debate.

"Jim Hunter's right - we continue to have a shockingly bad system of land ownership that concentrates wealth and stifles aspiration. There's growing enthusiasm for land-based taxation, which Greens have long advocated. This could reduce the kind of speculation and profit that harms our communities, and it is an option SNP ministers could look at right now.

"SNP ministers like to aspire to Scandanavian countries, so I hope they take note of the fact that local authorities in Denmark levy a land tax that applies to land owned by Danes abroad. It's frankly embarrassing that acres of land in Scotland are generating funds for public services overseas while here at home we face cuts."

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Greens will lead the charge against cuts to local jobs and services

22 October, 2016 - 10:00

The Scottish Greens’ conference in Perth today (22 October) heard a rallying call from the party’s co-convener as it heads into the local authority elections next year.

Maggie Chapman told the audience of Green members at the Perth Concert Hall that the council elections in 2017 will see the party play a prominent role in deciding “… who will lead, transform and develop their local authorities”.

The speech also focused on how Greens are proud to be “citizens of the world” who will continue to campaign for an “internationalist, welcoming Scotland”.

Green Conference Backs Call To Prepare for Indyref 2

21 October, 2016 - 16:53

Scottish Greens meeting at their conference in Perth today backed a call for Westminster to give Holyrood the power to call an independence referendum to protect Scotland's interests in Europe.

Members supported a motion put forward by Ross Greer MSP, the party's External Affairs spokesperson. 

The text of the condensed motion approved by conference read:

Scotland in Europe

Harvie Tells Conference Of Vital Role Ahead for Greens

21 October, 2016 - 15:08

Patrick Harvie MSP, Co convener of the Scottish Greens,  today (21 Oct) called on party members and supporters to prepare for the next independence campaign, saying that the UK people voted for in 2014 no longer exists.

Addressing the conference in Perth, Mr Harvie said:

"We find ourselves with the results of two referendums which can’t fit together. We have a 2 year old 55% mandate, and this year’s 62% mandate. Even if Better Together & the Leave campaign hadn’t lied, the UK which people voted for in 2014 no longer exists.