Labour Trident plan is a moral disgrace

Nuclear weapons have no place in a peaceful Scotland.

The Labour Party’s plan to double down on nuclear weapons is an obscene and immoral waste of money that will do nothing to keep us safe, say the Scottish Greens.

The party’s external affairs spokesperson, Ross Greer, branded nuclear weapons a moral evil and urged every voter who cares about peace and a safer world to reject the Labour Party.

Ross Greer said: “Nuclear weapons are a moral evil and an obscene and immoral waste of hundreds of billions of pounds. It is a vast money pit that could be far better spent eradicating poverty, tackling the climate crisis and transforming public services like the NHS.

“Trident does nothing to make us safer, and has no place in Scotland. The so-called ‘triple-lock’ that Labour is proposing is a multi-billion bung to a weapons industry already enjoying eye watering profits from the UK’s aggressive foreign policy.

“The message from Sir Keir Starmer is very simple. If you care about peace and global security, don’t vote Labour. 

Mr Greer added: “With Labour and Tories in lockstep on nuclear weapons, the only way we will disarm Scotland’s waters is as an independent nation.

“I look forward to the day when an independent Scotland can finally take its place on the world stage and join the dozens of other nations who have signed the Treaty on the Prohibition on Nuclear Weapons.”