Labour should end ‘game playing’ and drop confidence vote

Labour is playing cynical parliamentary games.

The Scottish Greens have urged Labour MSPs to stop their ‘game playing’ and drop their planned confidence vote in the Scottish Government which they know they will lose. 

The call comes as the Tories confirm they have withdrawn their proposed confidence vote in the First Minister.

Gillian Mackay MSP said Labour’s vote was simply designed to embarrass the soon to be ex First Minister further and had no chance of passing after the Scottish Greens said they would not back it.

Ms Mackay, the Scottish Greens business manager, said: “Like the withdrawn Tory motion, the Labour one has clearly been overtaken by events. Pursuing it would achieve nothing, and would simply mean more parliamentary game playing.

“Labour MSPs have spent the last few days saying the government needs to get back to running the country, so why do they want to waste the valuable time of the Scottish Parliament, staff and MSPs by carrying on with this charade when it has no chance of passing?

Ms Mackay added: “We bear no personal animosity to the First Minister or the SNP, and, as Scottish Greens, are already getting back to business.

“At the same time, we are proud to be welcoming hundreds of new Scottish Green members who care deeply about our climate, equalities and the fairer, greener society that we can build in an independent Scotland.”