Labour are offering baby steps when boldness is required

The Scottish Greens today (27 April) branded the Labour party's manifesto - published just a week before polling day - as too little, too late.


Scottish Greens co-convener Patrick Harvie said:


"Much of the language Labour have adopted such as the need to raise revenue for public services, the need for warm homes, a fracking ban and jobs of the future - these have all been consistent Scottish Green priorities, and what's more we have done the work to deliver progress on these issues. Labour are simply undermining what little credibility they have left.


"Their across the board income tax rise would penalise those on lower than average incomes, while the Scottish Greens' proposal would ensure most people get to keep more of what they earn, tackling the inequality in our society. Labour's replacement for Council Tax would be capped so the owners of high value properties would be unfairly rewarded, while the Green plan to scrap council tax would be truly progressive. Holyrood is a mature parliament and Labour are offering baby steps when boldness is required. 


"We must also remember Labour's attitude in parliament to date. During the last session they were relentlessly negative, condemning the government for who they were, while in contrast Greens engaged with the issues and brought constructive pressure to bear, resulting in progress on rent controls, fracking and energy efficient housing. 


"There will be many progressive voters looking at Labour's offer and wondering what more we could be doing had they not blocked deeper devolution of welfare and employment powers during the Smith Commission. As Labour's decline continues, the need for bold, progressive voices in parliament is urgent and on 5 May regional Green votes will make all the difference."