Fri 15 Jun, 2018

A halt to this flawed system is long overdue Alison Johnstone MSP

The Scottish Greens have welcomed a report from the National Audit Office that outlines how the UK government’s Universal Credit is causing hardship for claimants.

Green MSPs voted with a majority in the Scottish Parliament in October 2017 for the Westminster government to halt the combined benefit payment.

Alison Johnstone MSP, the Scottish Greens’ social security spokesperson, said:

“The UK government hasn’t listened to people experiencing real hardship due to Universal Credit.  They have ignored growing demands on foodbanks across the UK, and I’ve no doubt they’ll disagree with the professional, apolitical view of the Audit Office.

“When the national body tasked with scrutiny of public finances tells us that an entitlement, designed to help people in challenging circumstances is making matters worse, it really is time to pay attention.  A halt to this flawed system is long overdue.”

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