Thu 5 Sep, 2013

Alison Johnstone, MSP for Lothian and a member of Holyrood’s economy committee, today (5 Sep) challenged the First Minister to do more to help women play a full part in economic recovery.
Alison highlighted the fact that the UK Government’s welfare reforms have a significant impact on women, including for many the loss of financial independence. Alison pointed towards childcare and apprenticeships as key areas for the Scottish Government to tackle.

Alison said:

“Investing in a transformative, affordable childcare system would provide hundreds of jobs and would enable thousands of women to pursue work and education, boosting economic recovery. I pointed out to the First Minister that the most popular modern apprenticeships are severely gender segregated and that while the number of women apprentices may have increased women are still doing the poorly paid jobs.

“I’m glad the First Minister accepted my point that sectors such as construction remain male-dominated and I will continue to press for women to be given the chance to play a full and fair part in Scotland’s economic recovery.”
“The uptake of Modern Apprenticeships in Scotland is typified by significant gender segregation.” Quote from:
Report by Equality and Human Rights Commission

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