Johnson knighthood for dad would be beyond parody

Boris Johnson nominating his dad for a knighthood would be “beyond parody” say the Scottish Greens. This follows reports in The Times that Johnson is set to list his father, Stanley Johnson, for a knighthood.

The Party’s constitutional spokesperson, Ross Greer MSP, said:

“These reports are beyond parody. There’s cronyism and then there’s whatever sad joke this is. 

“The only person who could conceivably believe that Stanley Johnson deserves an honour is his dishonest and incompetent Tory court jester of a son.

“It’s the sort of thing that would be dropped from the Thick of It for not being believable. It would display a stunning level of arrogance and would be the most inappropriate honour since Caligula tried to appoint his horse to the Roman Senate.

“In a crowded field, Boris Johnson is already one of the most disgraced people to enter Downing Street. The kind of sleaze and scandal which would seem outrageous and hard to believe about anyone else is normal for him.

“The fact this is even being talked about shows how broken and discredited our so-called honours system is.

“If he has any dignity then Rishi Sunak would surely block such an absurd and ridiculous appointment.”