Tue 2 May, 2017

If ship to ship oil transfers are allowed to go ahead in the Moray Firth the consequences for marine life, including the iconic pod of bottlenose dolphins, could be catastrophic.  John Finnie MSP

Green MSP for the Highlands and Islands John Finnie will lead a debate on ship to ship oil transfers in the Scottish Parliament today.

Mr Finnie, who joined campaigners from the Cromarty Rising campaign group at the parliament’s Public Petitions Committee recently, has been campaigning against the proposals to allow ship to ship oil transfers to take place in the Moray Firth since last year.

A parliamentary motion submitted by Finnie has received the necessary cross party support to allow it to proceed to the chamber for a member’s business debate.

Members of Cromarty Rising will be in attendance for the debate, which will take place at approximately 5.00pm.

Mr Finnie said:

“If ship to ship oil transfers are allowed to go ahead in the Moray Firth the consequences for marine life, including the iconic pod of bottlenose dolphins, could be catastrophic. 

“The overwhelming majority of communities in the area, who would be in the front line of any oil spill, are opposed to ship to ship oil transfers, as are thousands across the country as the 103,425 signatures on Cromarty Rising’s petition demonstrates.

“The potential impact on the tourism sector, so important to the economy of the Highlands and Islands, cannot be overstated. I am therefore glad that my motion has achieved cross party support, and I look forward to leading a debate on ship to ship oil transfers.”

Moray Council candidate James MacKessack-Leitch, who is contesting the Heldon & Laich Ward for the Greens, added:

“It is quite clear that our local communities overwhelmingly oppose the plans for ship to ship oil transfers in the Moray Firth, yet while Moray Greens have consistently spoken out against the proposals there continues to be a deafening silence on the issue from nearly everyone else. I would urge voters to consider who will actually stand up for them on important local issues when casting their votes on Thursday.”



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